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1.Quality Standard Services


1.1.1. GBSS provides support for beneficiary by the Customer Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service can be contacted via contact page.

1.1.2. GBSS will provide a monthly reduction in the monthly maximum monthly equal to the beneficiaries.

1.1.3. Availability and unavailability calculations are performed in hours and fractions of hours.

1.2. Ensuring availability

1.2.1. GBSS network is available for transmission of information (data transmission or Internet) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The availability of services offering minimum accepted by GBSS and providing to its clients is 98.99% (hereinafter guaranteed availability).

1.2.2. Scheduled interruptions of service will be conducted by GBSS, as far as possible from Monday to Friday between 02.00 and 07.00 GMT. Scheduled outages are announced to the Beneficiary at least twelve (12) hours before such interruptions.

Scheduled outages will not exceed a total of 12 hours per calendar month. Notification to the Beneficiary breaks will be scheduled by phone, fax, e-mail or any other form deemed appropriate by GBSS.

1.2.3. Service availability is calculated monthly as a ratio between the period of operation of the service during the month (calculated as the difference between total period of time of one month and the downtime period ) and total period during the month.

1.2.4. Unavailability of the service begins with the time reporting the interruption by the Beneficiary, under Art. 1.4.5 of this Section, as well as records GBSS and lasts until the service is restored function, moment established based on the internal recording of GBSSGBSS will not record downtimes which have not been reported by the Beneficiary complying with art. 1.4.5. of this section. Unavailability period is defined as the cumulative period of unavailability in hours and fractions of hours, caused by individual failures reported for a period of one calendar month, excluding the period of unavailability of the service of the following causes:

– interruptions during periods of planned maintenance;

– interruptions due to failures resulting from inappropriate uses by the Beneficiary;

– blocking the intervention of the technical staff by the Beneficiary to rectify the malfunction period in which the GBSS services have not been in the agreed parameters because of Beneficiary, time in which GBSS can not contact The beneficiary for reporting a breakdown according to art. 1.3.1 of this section;

– The interruption due to majeure force.

1.2.5. Discounts of failure are granted by GBSS to the Beneficiary for non-availability guaranteed in Article 1.2.1 of this section and is calculated in hours of failure, so: the guaranteed availability (calculated as a percentage of the total number of hours in that month) minus availability achieved in that month (calculated as the difference between the number of hours in that month and the period of unavailability), the number of hours resulting in number of hours to which adds unavailability discounts. For each hour of failure, thereby calculated, GBSS will grant a discount equal to the monthly fee divided by the number of hours in the month for which the calculation is made. Discounts of unavailability are granted only if the availability performed has a value less than the guaranteed availability.

1.2.6. GBSS shall notify the Beneficiary by mail the discount amount for non-availability guaranted of the services specified in paragraph 1.2.1 of this section. Discounts are given for the previous month bill for the current month. Notification will be made, along with the current month bill, in an annex to which will be specified number of hours of downtime from the previous month and the amount to be paid as a discount on the bill for the current month. If the Beneficiary does not agree with rebate GBSS may request, in writing, within 2 (two) business days from receipt of the notification, verification of failure time between GBSS Technical Department and the beneficiary, verification operations which will take place within 5 (five) business days from the written request of Beneficiary otherwise the rebate notified by GBSS is acceptable. Following discussion, the Parties shall sign a protocol that passes the agreed jointly reductions.

1.3. Ensuring reporting

1.3.1. In case of occurrence unavailability periods due GBSS accordance with paragraph 1.2.4 of this section, GBSS will contact one of the persons authorized by the Beneficiary within 2 (two) hours from the moment occurrence downtime period to report the period of unavailability. GBSS is exempt from reporting a period of unavailability, if it is caused by events that affect multiple service Beneficiaries of GBSS services.

1.4. The management of service disruptions


Is considered discontinuation of service provided by GBSS, as defined in the contract, any unexpected interruption of service exceeding ten (10) minutes. Are not considered lack of service interruptions scheduled and notified in advance by GBSS. Are not considered a lack of service or accidental interruptions or network maintenance with the duration less than or equal to ten (10) minutes. GBSS notifies the beneficiary before such interruptions. Are not considered lack of service interruptions due to causes directly or indirectly related to the Beneficiary (interruption of communications equipment, change settings, lack of voltage at the customer premise, etc).

1.4.2. GBSS undertakes to provide monitoring of connections to its clients at least six (6) times in 60 minutes, 24 hours a day. A sequence of monitoring is done through a series of commands type “ping” to access equipment or network interface connected directly to GBSS.

The beneficiary undertakes to allow GBSS making this monitoring otherwise GBSS being exonerated of any responsibility concerning the granting of discounts to Beneficiary under this Section.

1.4.3. In case of interruption of the service provided, GBSS technicians that handle network management and service will remedy the defect as follows: within a maximum of 8 hours if the service interruption is reported between 08.00 AM and 08.00 PM; within a maximum of 8 hours, starting from 08.00 AM the day following the interruption has been reported, where the report was made after 08.00 PM.

1.4.4. In case of interruption of service the Beneficiary will record to GBSS Support Center a unavailability ticket for which you receive a registration number. The beneficiary can register the unavailability ticket within a maximum of 2 hours from the moment when lack of service has been resolved. The duration of service interruption is determined only by GBSS based on their internal records.

1.4.5 Reporting disruptions will be made by the Beneficiary only by its authorized representatives. At the reporting of disruptions, the Beneficiary shall specify:

– His full name;

– Full name of the Beneficiary;

– Phone and email contact of his type and full description of the interruption, the interruption hour;

– Other relevant information observed.

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